I imagine that you have all heard of the game 3 IN A ROW, or «3 en raya» en español. Well, this is a version of it… but to practice your English.

3 in a row or 0/X as it is more commonly known is a really fun game to get your students to review target vocabulary and grammar.

It is really fun because anyone can play and it has an element of competition.

A great way to play is as a whole class activity or in pairs.

What do you need to do?

Basically, the pupils need to create a table like the image below and play 0/X. But this can become boring as the games do not last too long. So we have come up with ADVANCED 3 IN A ROW in which we use a much bigger board and much more vocabulary.

Instead of finishing as soon as someone has 3 in a row, the game continues and is based on a points system. Each time someone has 3 in a row, they get a point.

It is a game of strategy and cunning as you can block your opponent, get 2 points in one move at times and also reuse spaces… observe the images.

The great thing is that you can create your own games… with any vocabulary… with any grammar.

Now it is your turn to play.

Let us know what you think… 🙂

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